Andrea and Phil – Central Park NYC Wedding

Andrea and Phil came over from just west of London and had a wonderful late summer Central Park wedding.  The Ladies Pavilion is a very very popular place to be married.  It offers a covering which only few spots in the park have, as well as a bit of privacy.  You can actually reserve it too, which certainly will make a bride a lot more comfortable going into their wedding day.  Their ceremony was led beautifully by Julie Laudicina, who really put the care into making it a very lovely one.

I enjoyed my time with these two very much.  Super polite and a really lovely couple all around.  Along the way we bumped into another couple who actually requested that Andrea and Phil be in their photo!!!  Well of course we made sure that I got the photo too!!!  What a fun moment!

I received a lovely note from them which always makes me feel great!


Hi Brian, The photos were wonderful and we really appreciate you getting them to us so quickly as it was terrific to be able to show them to guests at our parties in the UK!!!

Stay in touch, and please do let us know if you’re coming to the UK!!

Phil and Andrea

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