Audrey + Dan, a Central Park Wedding in New York City


Audrey and Dan came all the way from Australia to get married in New York in September! I spoke to the beautful bride Audrey to get an insight into why they chose New York and to tell us about their big day!




Where and when did you meet?


“Dan and I met approximately 4 years ago.  We had both heard about one another through mutual friends but it wasn’t until we went to a concert that we both actually noticed one another.  It was from then that we kept in touch and something then developed”


Tell us about the proposal?


“The proposal happened in a place  called “Palm Cove”  in northern Australia.  It is an idyllic little part of the world.  Tropical and warm with wonderful beaches and scenery.  We went there for some R&R and although I had a feeling that he may propose, it was still a big shock and a great surprise.  We had gone out for dinner however and it was by the pool at our hotel that he actually asked me to marry him.  I truly cannot remember exactly what he said, I just remember crying and then we started the phone calls and notifying all our friends and family of the great news”



Why did you choose to get married in New York?

“We had originally planned to marry in a Vineyard situated in the Bellarine Peninsula near where we live.  We had it booked and I even had found the dress.  We soon found that the wedding planning was way more than what we had anticipated and for one reason or another, we weren’t really enjoying the actual process.  I found it stressful.  I had always mentioned ‘eloping’ but never thought it would actually be a realistic option.  It was Dan in the end that said, “ Lets go overseas – lets go somewhere we both haven’t been that we want to visit and lets get married by ourselves”  so we did.We chose New York as we have both travelled extensively through Europe and had always dreamed of visiting New York and we both had never been there.  The idea of marrying in what seemed such a dynamic, beautiful city was captivating to us”





Tell us about your dress!

“The dress!!  I started off with ‘wedding’ dress which I found in Australia.  This was meant to be ‘the’ dress if we were to have followed our original plans. Then  I decided that as we were marrying in New York, I would buy more of a gown.  I found a over the shoulder white number.  I then realised I didn’t ‘love’ that dress either, so a friend suggested a cocktail style Herve Leger dress.  I searched and searched and found a dusty pink number on the net.  I loved it.  I am really glad I went for that style.  It was comfortable, modern and suited what we were doing”




Where did you stay?

“We stayed at the The London, NYC.  Its located in Midtown and its only a few blocks down from Central Park.  Our room was absolutely AMAZING.  The view was outstanding and the service impeccable.  The restaurant was brilliant – (Gordon Ramsay) and to me, the hotel just set the scene for what was to be the best day of our lives.  Everything about The London I adored.  The décor was completely my style and it was so close to everything. Highly recommend it.  To wake up each day, open the curtains and see the New York city skyline and Central Park running down the middle of it was just beautiful”




Tell us about Dan’s suit?

“Dan is a no nonsense kind of a guy.  He isn’t into shopping or designer wear.  He saw a suit online that he loved and so he made it my mission to find it.  We bought it in Australia and bought it to NY.  I think he looked positively smashing”




Why did you choose Bow Bridge for your ceremony?

“Central Park is like an oasis in the middle of a bustling city.  It is one of the most serene and beautiful locations we’d ever seen.  Our marriage celebrant suggested  Bow Bridge and we were so thankful she did.  The backdrop of the bridge is stunning and the actual bridge is amazing”




Audrey and Dan chose Julie Laudicina to be their Officiant, Audrey told me why this was an excellent choice!

“As soon as she responded, we knew had to have her.  The most helpful, understand, loveliest people you are likely to ever encounter.  I cannot speak highly enough of Julie.  A genuine, nice person who really loves and believes in what she does. She went above and beyond for us”



Have you any top tips for other couples getting married in New York?

“My biggest tip for those planning to marry overseas – make sure you have  a  spare week to organise yourself before the actual wedding day – just in case there are any mishaps. Our luggage got lost for a few days so thank goodness we didn’t have the wedding until the second week”




What is your favourite memory from the day?

“I don’t think we have one favourite memory…for us it was the whole experience that made it such a great day. From start to finish.  There was no stress involved, it was easy and fun”




What did you do to celebrate after the ceremony and photos?


“After the ceremony we had a cocktail with Brian at the London.  I don’t think we wanted him to leave, we just adored Brian, he is one of a kind! We relaxed in our room for a little while and then went to dinner at Daniel NYC.  It is Daniel Boulud’s restaurant on the Upper East Side. Thanks to Lisa, who helped me so much, we managed to get the booking at the restaurant”




If you could do it all again would you change anything?


“Would not change a thing. I would use the same people I did for everything.  Especially Brian and Lisa.  They are both amazing at what they do”



What is your favourite thing to do in New York?

“Walk, walk, walk and take the subway.  Take in the city.  Visit Harlem, take a train out to Brooklyn, visit the Museum mile.  Shop til you drop, visit the meat packing district, pay your respects to the World trade centre and just let New York win your heart over.  There’s good reason why there are I heart NY t-shirts everywhere”

“There is nowhere like New York!”




Did you have a party back in Australia?

“Sure did, we had a cocktail party with very close friends and family”


Have you done anything special with the photos?

“We had a projector at our wedding and the photos were shown – that way people could see what the actual wedding was like.  Brian also made up a gorgeous coffee book for us we have at home”



Congratulations Audrey and Dan!!


Lisa xx



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