Ben and Lolly – Central Park NYC Wedding

I had an absolutely BLAST with these guys.  Ben and Lolly (I love that name!) came from London and had the most magnificent early-spring day in NYC.  They chose a beautiful spot in the park (near Shakespeare Garden) and had a friend officiate their ceremony.  (It’s always a lot of fun when someone other than an “official” officiant performs the ceremony because there is so much excitement and nerves!!!!).  But the best part of the day was riding the open top bus they rented for their wedding party!!!  How cool is that!!!  As a born and raised New Yorker, I had never been on one.  Let me tell you, I second the rule of “please be seated while the bus is in motion.”  You could literally have your head chopped off by the traffic signs around town.  We were able to reach up (while seated) and just about hit them!!!!  I spent the entire day with this wonderful couple and their families, and I won’t forget it….

I got a lovely note from them later on, which for me, makes my job that much more meaningful…

Hi Brian,
Well we made it home after our honeymoon and back to reality unfortunately. Thankfully, we have your photo’s to remind us of our special day. We are amazed how you managed to document almost every candid moment with ease. Every photo you had taken tells a story and they look so beautiful, even individually. You are a true gentleman and you helped us no end with the idea’s and planning (it’s not easy planning a wedding from 3500 miles away!).

So from both of us we would like to say a big thank you.
Ben and Lolly,
Hertfordshire, UK

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