- Frequently Asked Questions -

Booking & Payment

What do you charge?

Larger, traditional weddings start at $3000. Intimate weddings and elopements start at $500.   I offer an array of albums and add-ons which I include in your personalized photography proposal.  When you inquire, be sure to give me a few details about your wedding, such as date, venue, and approximate guest count.

How does the booking process work?

First off, I’m more than happy to meet with you in person or via Skype.  Once you chose the package you want I issue a contract electronically.  After it’s signed by both of us, the deposit is due.  It’s 30% of the total, and can be paid via credit card, check, or cash.  The full balance will be due on/by the day of the wedding, preferably by check or cash.

Do you bring another photographer?

If your guest count is over 100 I bring an additional photographer.  If it's over 200 I bring 2, and so on.  

Are you insured?  Incorporated?

Yes to both!  If your venue needs a COI (certificate of insurance) just let me know!

Do you travel for weddings or just work in New York?

I shoot weddings all over the world!

Engagement Sessions

Do you offer an engagement session? Is it included in our package?

Yes.  Engagement sessions are included when booking me for a traditional, larger wedding.  They are complimentary and offer us both a chance to get to know one another and, at the same time, yield photos you can use for all sorts of things (announcements, etc).  It’s a very important part of the process in my opinion, because you’ll get a feel for how I work, and I’ll get a sense of how to photograph you in the most flattering way AHEAD of your wedding day.  If you want to book me for just an engagement session the fee is $450 for the session (last 60-90) minutes. Contact me for more information and to discuss what you want!

How long are they and where do you suggest we go?

Our session will last 60-90 minutes.  Think about the places that have meaning in your relationship.  Where you met, your favorite park or romantic spot.  Think about the time of day and year we are doing it too.  NYC has an abundance of incredible places for engagement sessions, most notably (in my opinion) is Central Park. The High Line is incredible too but it can get crowded on weekends. There are lots of factors to consider, but this is also something I can walk us through.

What do you suggest we wear?

A few things to consider:

-Dress according to your personality and how you would normally dress in a casual-to-dressy situation.  Guys - if you normally wear a button down, jeans and shoes, wear that.  Ladies if you wear casual dresses go with that.  The idea is to wear something that represents your personality.  My feeling is the day to get dressed up is the wedding day, not so much the engagement session.  

-Try to avoid wearing white.  It doesn’t photograph that well, especially in most daylight situations where theres contrast.

-Stick with solids; avoid patterns and clothing that could distract from the focus which is you.

-All in all - coordinate.  

After The Wedding

How long does it take to receive our photos and how do you deliver them?

I guarantee your images within 4 weeks, but typically deliver them much sooner.  You will receive a password protected gallery that allows you to download images individually or in their entirety.  You will also be able to purchase professional prints and print products directly from my lab (I have labs in the US and the UK). Click here for an example of how your gallery will look (yours will have a password on it).   

How does it work in terms of albums?  

Image selection is very easy.  I’ll instruct you on how to favorite the photos you want in your albums on the gallery I send you (see above).   From there I will design your album. If you’ve ordered a main/leather album you’ll have the opportunity to see the layout and make changes to it ahead of time.  If you’ve ordered a hardcover coffee table album you won’t see it ahead of time.  Those albums are laid out simply with 1 image per page.  You’ll be able to select the cover and rear photo, however.  In any event, once ordered the album takes about 4 weeks to be delivered.   

Are there any restrictions as far as getting the photos printed and enlarged?No.  Your images are high resolution and with one exception you can do just about anything you want with them.  The one restriction is they can’t be used for a commercial purpose without speaking with me first.  Also, I kindly ask that you direct any requests for images from other vendors to me.  I'm more than happy to provide them with images from your wedding if you approve; I just like to watermark them (because YOUR images are not watermarked!). 

Will you send us a few preview images on our wedding day? 

Yes, I love doing this.  You’ll get a few highlights emailed/texted directly to your phone on your wedding day.  This way you’ll have professional photos that you can share with your family and friends immediately.

Intimate Weddings

We are getting married at the Marriage Bureau.  How does it work in terms of timing? 

The marriage bureau can be a little tricky.  I’ve been there a lot and I tell my couples on average it takes about an hour from the time we get through security to the time we leave.  Because its unpredictable and I don’t want you to stress, I will count the time we spend there as one hour of time (should we be there for more than an hour, of course).   

Will you be our witness?

Of course, I’d love to be.  (And BTW you technically need only 1 witness, not 2 as some believe) 

We love the city but don't necessarily know where to go for the best photos.  Will you help us plan out the time we spend taking photos with you?

Totally!  I'm happy to help you chose locations for photos!  It's great if you have an idea of what you want, but even if you don't you can just turn it entirely over to me to create the perfect, custom experience for you!  Either way we will talk about it ahead of time 

We are planning the wedding ourselves.  Are you able to help us with other vendors and the overall coordinating of our day?

Absolutely!  I'm happy to recommend vendors I've worked with and love; even planners if you decide you want someone to help you!  Just ask me!!!! 

How do we get around town with you for photos?  

I highly recommend you hire a car to get us around town.  Certain times of the day the cabs go on a shift-change and it's nearly impossible to get one.  I've been stranded with couples before and it wastes a lot of precious time.  I'm absolutely open to taking the subway around and often that's really a ton of fun and makes for great photos!  I can also recommend reliable transportation options so just ask. 

Are there any locations that are off limits for portraits in the city?

There are a few places we can't shoot or risk getting thrown out of.  These are:  NYC Public Library (absolutely cannot shoot here), Lincoln Center (private property), inside most museums.  One of the most popular spots for photos is Grand Central Terminal.  We are technically allowed to shoot there at any time, however, I will not take photos there between 3pm and 8pm Mon-Fri because it's rush hour and we block commuters from reaching their tracks.  Many photographers have been banned from shooting here because they have disrupted the flow of traffic in the station. 

How many photos will we receive?

The first hour yields at least 100 photos and then about 50-100 for each hour thereafter. 

Family Sessions

Where do you do family sessions?

You are welcome to chose the location so long as it's within 30 miles of New York City.  If you prefer chose one thats great too!  Most of the time a park is the best location!

How much do you charge for family sessions?

Sessions start at $350 for an hour and include a selection of images.  I offer albums and print products as well that you can add on. Contact me for more information!