Lorna + Matt’s Family Session

Married in July of 2012, Lorna & Matt came back to NYC for family portraits with their daughter Phoebe on August 15th, 2016.

Lorna and Matt have stayed in touch with me after their wedding in 2012 and we’ve become good friends over the years.  Facebook is awesome for keeping in touch with couples, isn’t it? This family shoot was really fun and turned out great. Lorna’s cover photo on FB is a photo of us from this day! It’s really special for me when these people come into your life for such a short time, then go back to their lives, and you get to see them later on as  they have start their families. It’s awesome!  I was so excited when they contacted me and wanted to do another shoot with their daughter Phoebe!

We started off where they got married in Cop Cot, Central Park. After that, we wandered around Central Park for awhile and went to the pond area. Phoebe was enamored with the fountain by Plaza Hotel. Kids love fountains! We couldn’t’ get her away from it! So cute and funny.

After Central Park, we walked down and recreated a photo by Radio City Music Hall that we had done during the original bridal session. This was easily my favorite photo of the day. Look how cool this turned out!

Then we all took a subway ride over to the Flatiron Building and Madison Square Park.

And we wrapped things up in Times Square.


Pro Tips for Photoshoots with (International) Kids! 
1. You have to be really smart about your timing! It’s funny how once a kid has “had it” and run out of patience, that’s it. I try to come out strong in the beginning and snap away–they will be paying the most attention in the beginning. Then they get cranky and tend to fall apart as time goes on. The good part about multiple locations is each location we went to, it seemed to reset her timer!  Treats and toys work too.  You were a kid once; bribes work!
2. When kids come over from another time zone, it takes them days to get into a routine. This family had been here for a couple days, so by the time I got to them, their daughter had acclimated to the time adjustment, which was key!


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