Lucille + Michael, a Central Park Wedding in New York City

After getting engaged in New York in 2009 the lovely Lucille and Michael knew it was the perfect place for them to get married! They traveled from Newcastle in the UK for their New York wedding in September 2011. I spoke to the couple about their big day, they have also shared their beautiful wedding video with us – find this at the bottom of the blog 🙂




Tell us about the proposal

” Michael proposed on my 30th birthday December 2009 in New York, it was just us and it was perfect…it was a very cold and snowy day 20th Dec 2009, the snow was so deep almost to our knees and Michael had planned to propose in a horse and carriage going round Central Park following our meal, but a heavy snow storm hit so that idea was out the window.

We managed to finally find a cab on the deserted street outside the restaurant as it was impossible to walk anywhere, we headed back to our hotel which was The Radisson on Lexington‘ and got at drink at the bar. I began to feel tired and we went back to our room, it was only about 10 minutes into my birthday but I wanted to open a few cards. I sat on the bed opening some and reading the kind words from family and friends then all of a sudden Michael calmly (well he seemed calm I’m sure he was past himself) got down on one knee said some beautiful words to me and asked me to marry him while opening the lovely oak ring box. I was so taken back and shocked but utterly happy, I flung my arms around his neck and said of course I will. I then took at look at the ring, it’s the most beautiful glistening huge rock I’ve ever seen and still look at it every day and smile.

I later found out he had designed the ring himself and spent weeks reading up on what were the better diamonds and how they were cut and weighed depended on their intensity etc, that really impressed me along with him keeping it all a secret from me, hiding the ring at home and only my Dad knew awwwwwww”



Why did you decide to get married in New York?

“We not only fell in love with each other but we also fell for New York and its people, we couldn’t think of a better place to tie the knot”



Lucilles Beautiful flowers were by Flowers by Richard



Where did you stay?

“We stayed at The London NYC and we would certainly recommend it, it was fab and the staff were so welcoming. Little touches like placing beautiful handmade chocolates and champagne in our room on arrival, fussed over me when I came down to leave via reception on the wedding day and hung my dress up in the office on our last day so we could shop, the restaurant was beautiful we tried the tasting menu – yum!”



Lucille, did you hire a stylist for your hair and make up?

“I hired a lady called Amy Klewitz who owns Radiance Hair and Make-up Design. She is just lovely,  I definitely would recommend her”



What is your favourite memory from the day Lucille?

“Walking through Central Park with my Mam and brother feeling so excited to get my first glimpse of Michael”



Lucille, tell us about your beautiful dress!

“I first saw the dress modelled & used as a huge poster backdrop at the only wedding fair I ever went to, it was months later when I started to look to make appointments to try dresses when I came across YAP Bridal (who had the huge poster at the wedding fair) I kept comparing all dresses to that one, needless to say I went for it, it also just happened to be a New York designer – Madeline Gardner



Michael, tell us about your suit…

“I looked at a few suits but finally opted to buy a nice grey fitted Kenneth Cole 3 piece suit, not intentional but also a New York designer. Cadbury purple and grey go well so went for a matching tie and handkerchief”



Why did you choose the Ladies Pavillion for your ceremony?

“Central Park is fab any time of year and we loved Ladies Pavilion overlooking the lake with all the greenery. I made some enquires with the Parks department and made the booking”


Who was your officiant?

Sacha Jones she’s wonderful and so naturally happy she’s a must. It was so personal, she gave us a fun questionnaire a few months beforehand and kept in touch a lot from us booking her so it really felt like she knew us by the time the day came round”



Lucille– any top hair/make up tips for brides from your wedding day?

Make sure you get a trial a few days before, that way you can try a few hair styles to see what suits you and she can get to know what kind of coverage and colours are good for make-up”



Where and when did you first meet?

“We met due to a mutual friend asking us to message each other on Facebook after a few weeks we met up for a date,  a few drinks and a tapas meal Sept 2008, the rest is history!”



Tell us about what happened after the ceremony? 

“Michael had booked Aureole for my 30th birthday, we were both so impressed and although we considered other restaurants we just had to go back. It is a Michelin star restaurant both the food and staff were equally wonderful.

I had booked a champagne boat tour on the Hudson for all eight of us, there were other people on it as it was a large boat but it added to the atmosphere, the day ended with drink at a rooftop bar”



Tell us about your fabulous checker cab!

“I opted for Peter from Film Cars – he’s a wonderful man who’s 1960’s cab was immaculate and turned every head!”



Any special/funny moments that you would like to share from the day?

“I walked out of the hotel room totally forgetting my beautiful flowers, I didn’t notice till I was in Peter’s cab half way to Central Park. It didn’t matter one bit though, I still got some pictures later posing with them!”



If you could do it all again would you do anything differently?

“There’s nothing we would change”



What is your favourite thing to do in New York?

“We love our food so we like to eat out and also try fine dining. We highly recommend The River Café, its expensive but lovely as a one off. Again we tried the tasting menu and were not disappointed”



Below is Lucille and Michaels favourite photo from their big day!



Where did you go on honeymoon? 

“We were in New York for just over a week before and after the wedding, so classed New York as our honeymoon too”


Tell us a bit about your party back in the UK?

“We had our evening wedding reception for all our friends and family just over a week after we got back. As You Like It in Jesmond  is one of our favourite places to go, it was fab night with all the people we love and a perfect end to the wedding celebrations”


Lucille and Michael have very kindly shared their amazing wedding video captured by the wonderful Kaipo of  15 minutes of Frame

password = patrick





Lisa xxx


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