New York City Central Park Weddings in the rain!!!


Many people fear that the rain will fall and ruin their big day….  but this gallery of photos just goes to prove that in New York City…there are only beautiful weddings, whatever the weather! The rain is romantic!…… It also allows you to bring cute accessories, so bring your brolly and wellie boots and fall in love with the rain!!!


A few of our couples told us what the rain brought and meant to their big day!



Stuart and Carol Macrae…



Carol told us….

‘I can totally appreciate how some people may think rain on their wedding day would be disastrous, I felt the same conflict of emotions the day before our wedding when it was obvious that we weren’t going to have the crisp, sunny autumn day I imagined when first planning our Central Park wedding. Did it matter that the rain poured and poured and poured and didn’t stop… not a bit. We have video taken of our ceremony and the rain is like an orchestra in the background, so emotive and atmospheric, truly awesome. My favorite wedding picture is of Stuart and I in the Ladies Pavilion, the floor is shiny from the rain, the lake in the background misty and Stuart is holding his umbrella over us, we’re completely oblivious to our guests, in a private intimate moment, perfectly captured by Brian”


“We received a wedding gift of a cushion embroidered with the words -” Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain, how very apt”





“The rain definitely made our day memorable, we even had an impromptu chorus of ‘Singing in the rain’, my Aunt and I walking through the park, heading to the ceremony”




Michael and Melissa Whiston




Melissa told us..

” Atmospheric surprises – the joy of capturing our wonderment in such changeable unpredictable weather was marvelous. On our day it was over 90 degrees with bursts of rain and a short thunderstorm! The mixture of skies clearing and the bursts of sunlight added more ambiance to a magical day. Rain on our wedding day added to the enchantment of the occasion – you can see the joy on our faces! The red umbrellas match my flowers (not planned – but wonderful)  the sunlight reflecting from the greenery in Central Park and Brian’s talent in capturing all this is perfect. The captivating shots we have with the umbrellas are exquisite – we love them, our families love them, our friends love them too”




Michael added…

“The weather was something we could do nothing about and that was something quite liberating.  The weather was overcast but dry up until 15 mins after the ceremony. It got dark very quickly in the Conservancy Gardens in Central Park and then the heavens opened, the park wardens showed us great generosity in offering us shelter until the rain passed us by which took, probably 30 mins. During which Melissa talked to the warden and I chatted to Brian about all things Apple.

The rain for me was quite symbolic, entering marriage with the different elements of the weather illustrating the easy and good times along with the difficult and more challenging and also of the place itself, NYC is the most dynamic, frenetic, vibrant city on earth and the weather itself was in sync, at least a little with this.

On emerging from shelter the park was transformed, with a magical light from the now incredibly hot sunshine evaporating the water very quickly. I will always remember the generosity of spirit of the people we met in the park during this day, with so many strangers going out of their way to wish us well then and in the future”





Stu and Sarah Olsen




Sarah told us…  

“The rain for me was great because the pics have a polished shiny finish to them and I love the reflections on the ground of all the gorgeous lights of the big city – even in the day! I totally embraced the rain as its you and your hubby that are most important and that one day goes so fast I wanted to enjoy every moment. I sent Stu out early on the wedding morning for black shiny wellies and brollies and we had fun! I changed into my cute heels for the night time entertainment and had the best day ever!!! I wanna do it all again!!!!”





Trevor and Kirsty 




Kirsty told us..

“Honestly, the rain was one of the things that made our day fantastic!

On the days leading up to the day I had been so hot that I was worried about looking sweaty and miserable on the day. I was hoping that the temperature would drop a bit. The rain meant that I wasn’t hot or cold all day :)

We had seen the forecast and knew it was likely to be raining for the ceremony and possibly the whole day, so my mum and dad nipped down to Macys in the morning and bought a load of umbrellas so that the guests could stay dry. They made great favours and looked brilliant in the pictures because they had new York printed on them.

Trevor and I both saw the funny, positive side – it absolutely hammered it down during the ceremony, (and all day!!) but believe it or not, the rain was a real talking point and everyone was in high spirits because it was so different to any other wedding that the guests had attended”




 “We had planned to have some pictures taken in the park afterwards, but instead we went to Grand Central Terminal and had some pictures taken inside. The pictures are gorgeous.

We were both congratulated by so many kind people, one lovely lady stopped us on the way out of grand central and told us ‘it is really good luck to get married on a rainy day.’she said ‘the rain is just the angels crying for you.’ ahhh..”




“After Grand Central, the rain was still really heavy, so Brian suggested that we go down to an overhang near Pier 17. The pictures he took there are AMAZING! He took a fantastic picture of Peter’s vintage cab – i can’t begin to say how much I love that picture! Every time I look at it it takes me back to that very minute, you can see how hard it is raining, but for us it was just a perfect moment!

We went onto pier 17, which was virtually empty due to the weather – it felt so magical and surreal – like the city had cleared off to give us space! We definitely wouldn’t have got as much space on a sunny day! Again, we got some fantastic pictures and the weather made them look so atmospheric. Gorgeous”






“We had booked a rooftop bar for the evening, which luckily had a retractable roof. The rain continued, but it couldn’t have been more perfect, we had a view of the Chrysler Building, lit up and surrounded in misty cloud – what better way to end our perfect rainy day?”



Mark and Sophie Goddard




Sophie told us…


“One of my worries was that it would rain on the day. However, the photos came out amazing. Brian was very reassuring and kept saying the light when it rains makes for better photos. I think as long as you are prepared that it might rain (i.e. have some umbrellas handy and hire a car in case you want to have photos taken around the city) then it is fine.

The photos with umbrellas were so romantic and the reflections from the wet ground make for gorgeous photos”






Some other beautiful shots…









The rain rocks!!


Lisa x

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