Rebecca and Neil – Central Park NYC Wedding

Rebecca and Neil came all the way from Kent, which is about 60 miles southeast of London, England to be married in NYC!!!  What a perfect late-May day for a wedding and tour of NYC…

Their ceremony was held in the beautiful Shakespeare Gardens of Central Park and they were joined by their families and close friends…  Afterwards we took a fun tour of NYC and hit some of my favorite photo spots.  I got to spend a bit of quality time with them and learned that Neil is an aspiring photographer.  I love talking photography and I always tell my brides and grooms that if they have any photography questions, I’m happy to answer them!  I enjoy giving tips to people if it’ll make their images better!  One of the more unique things we did this day was go to the Tasti D-lite in Times Square so Kirsty could get her ice cream!  Of course I had to have some too, Cookies and Cream, and that made me doubly happy to be taking photos!!!  I knew right away it’d be a special opportunity to get photos of them all in the ice cream shop, and of course Kirsty thoroughly enjoying hers!  From there we continued on our journey and as always, I sad to say goodbye!!!  But we keep in touch now (Facebook is great for that – add me!) and that makes me feel  a lot better…

They sent me this lovely lovely note…  🙂

From the moment I showed Neil your website, we knew we had found our wedding photographer. We had a look at a number of websites after visiting yours, but none of them were even close to what we had seen on your site.
Right from the start, you showed such professionalism and you helped us remain calm up into the build up of our big day.
We are not so sure we can sum up in words just how fantastic our photographs are!!! We were totally speechless once we received our pictures and were utterly shocked at just how perfectly you managed to capture every single moment of our special day. You put us both at ease and well, Kirsty just loves you!!! We cannot remember an occasion where she has actually felt so comfortable around a complete stranger that she has wanted to hold their hand!
You have also become a huge inspiration to Neil as a budding photographer and we are both constantly keeping tabs on both your website and blog. We hope that when you come over to London we are able to catch up and the same when we return to New York for our anniversaries.
We have made a lifelong friend and we can’t thank you enough for giving us everything we wanted and more.
Lots of Love
Neil & Rebecca Balcombe

And check out Neil’s blog!

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