Rhiann + Andy, a New York City Wedding


Rhiann and Andy came over from Tyne & Wear in the UK to be married in NYC in 2010 and they’re wedding photos have stayed in my life very much since.  They’re the couple seen in this photo I took with the Chrysler Building in the distance.  So I felt it appropriate to go back and blog their wedding!  The truth is that this photo of them stayed quiet on my harddrive until my trusted marketing coach said “you gotta show this one!”




The Couple stayed at the Waldorf Astoria



Rhiann, tell us about your dress?

My Dress was ‘White One 411’ by Pronovias, in Oyster satin, worn with a simple, single layer veil.  I’d originally chosen and ordered a different dress, and came upon this one quite by chance, but decided to try it on just in case.  I knew as soon as I tried it on that it was perfect, and when the owners of the shop had told me (without any knowledge of the wedding plans) that they called it the “New York” dress because it was glamorous, I was even more certain!”



The Waldorf Astoria provided a beautiful setting for the couples ‘first look’



Why did you choose the Empire State Building for your ceremony?

“We chose the Empire State Building as it’s an iconic building and symbol of New York.  There was a great view from the suite we married in, and as the ceremony was held at dusk it was amazing to see darkness fall and the city light up!  A great bonus of getting married in NYC is that the rules regarding weddings differ from those in the UK, which allowed us to personalise our ceremony and vows”



What is your favourite memory of the day?

“Our favourite memory (aside from actually getting married!) was our photo session with Brian in Times Square.  Although it was freezing cold, the atmosphere and the many strangers congratulating and wishing us well was unforgettable”



Which photos do you love the most?



Andy can you give us a top tip for other couples getting married in New York?

“If you possibly can, try and visit New York at least once before the wedding, for a short break/fact finding mission if you’ve never been before.  I found it really helpful to know the layout of the city when thinking about where to have the ceremony and reception and how the guests would travel between them.  My knowledge of the city also helped when deciding where to have the photos, where to eat afterwards etc.”




Tell us what happened after the Ceremony and photos?

“We didn’t want to do anything too formal, instead we decided that we wanted to do something that made the most of the NY atmosphere.  We chose to spend time eating and laughing with our close friends and family at Tir Na Nog Bar and grill, which we felt fit the bill perfectly”



The couple also had a big party in January back in the UK for all the friends and family that couldn’t make it to New York



How did friends and family react to your wedding photographs?

“The reaction from friends and family (and complete strangers) has been absolutely phenomenal.  No-one has ever seen wedding pictures like them before, and everyone genuinely loves them.  The overwhelming response is either that we look like movie stars (which is nice to hear!) or that at first they don’t believe they are real, and that we’ve been photoshopped onto them! Even a year on, I still get so excited looking at them, and will truly treasure them forever”






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