Tip Tuesday: Get Low (Low, Low, Low, Low, Low, Low!)

And no, the tip is not about wearing Apple Bottom jeans (jeans!) and boots with the fur (with the fur!). In fact, bonus tip of the day: Don’t wear Apple Bottom jeans or boots with the fur.

This tip is actually for all you smartphone photographers out there who want to “get low”! Wanna get the shot from the lowest perspective possible, without laying on the ground?  Turn the phone upside down!  Since the camera is placed at the “top” of the phone, it’ll now be on the bottom, and you’ll be shooting from the lowest possible perspective.  The phone will adjust the orientation of the image so it’s still right side up. (I guess this is why they call it a smartphone.)  This is really great for taking photos of pets and kids as it makes them look larger than they actually are and puts elements in the foreground that you might not normally get from a higher shooting perspective!

Kennedy’s idea of getting low usually involves sleeping.


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